Get Involved

First of all, thanks for offering to help. Allette couldn't do it with out the help of her fans, friends and family. You can help in a few important ways:


If you have ideas about good venues, radio stations, newspapers, let us know. If you have contacts at these places, especially at colleges, drop us a line.


All it takes is one interested student- and we can make it happen. Allette has played events for women's and environmental organizations, festivals, dorms and regular concerts. If you are willing to do a little of the onsite footwork or even just get us connected with a student organization that can help us, we can bring Allette to your school. Please contact us.

House Concert

If you want Allette to come play in your area, the most sure fire way is to host a house concert.

House concerts are informal concerts, usually in people's homes, where 20 or more people can sit comfortably to enjoy an intimate concert. Its a great way to bring Allette to your town if she wasn't planning on coming there and/or if you want a personalized, interactive and smoke-free experience.

You Provide:

  • A pet-dander-free space that can fit at 20 or more folks comfortably. Can be in your home or even a local community center, meeting space, your garage, or outside.
  • 20 or more music-loving guests ($10-$15 suggested donation per person)
  • Electricity, help unloading and other small tasks the day of the concert.
  • Maybe drinks and/or food. Maybe not.
  • Maybe a place for Allette to stay for the night.

Allette Provides:

  • An intimate, interactive and humorous 1- 2 hour performance.
  • Her sound equipment.
  • CDs and other merchandise for sale.
  • Fun!

The tried and true method that most house concert hosts use is to send invitations in advance, solicit rsvps, and even possibly ask that tickets be bought in advance.

You can also choose to open up your house concert to the public, inviting Allette's other local fans or even advertising it via local radio and newspapers. Its up to you.

It works best when the host (you) is enthusiastic. When you invite all your friends with enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm spreads. It truly is a unique way to experience music. Why go to the music, when the music can come to you :-)

For more information on how to set up a house concert, click here.

Local Promotion

Be the local Allette Brooks promoter! When Allette is coming to town, hang fliers, tell your friends, or distribute gig cards. Having someone rooting for you when you arrive makes a big difference.

Other Ways To Help Out

If you have other skills you want to lend, like web fluency, graphic design, etc and want to help, let us know!

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