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Allette's fourth independently released album BLAZE (December 2008) is available for pre-order now!

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25% of the price of each copy of Blaze sold at the Allette Brooks Webstore will be donated to the NRDC Polar Bear SOS.

Stellar cast of musicians includes Paulo Baldi of Cake and the Les Claypool Band, bassist Mark Calderone, keyboard maestro Leo Chern, cellist Sam Bass, vocalist Shelagh Lampshire, electric guitar whiz Jay Kadis, and award winning mandolin player Radim Zenkl!

Blaze Cover

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Swim With Me

Come swim with Allette as she dives into the issue of energy-over-consumption (Rolling Blackout and Driving), shares a story about a non-native English speaking child's first day at school (Same Room), sings a "geologist breakup song" (ice age), reinterprets the My Fair Lady Classic "Loverly", and weaves her life experiences into a blend of passionate, insightful and humorous lyrics. Allette's driving guitar work and vibrant voice are complimented by percussionist Paulo Baldi, pianist and composer Leo Chern, and vocalist Shelagh Sandstedt's sweet and sultry backing vocals.

  • Swim With Me
  • Share
  • Driving
  • Never Was
  • Rolling Blackout
  • Refuge
  • Fireflies
  • Same Room
  • Ice Age
  • Loverly
  • Okavango
Swim With Me Cover

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Silicon Valley Rebel

Allette's second album SILICON VALLEY REBEL was released March 1999 and showcases her keen storytelling ability, punchy guitar playing and poetic humor. Along with solo tracks, arrangements on SILICON VALLEY REBEL include guest artists on a variety of instruments including Paulo Baldi on the dumbek, congas, bongos, drum kit, Jay Kadis and Jeff Martin on upright and electric bass, and Tony Khalife on acoustic guitar. The title track is the true, hilarious, story of a Feminist Studies major turned web page designer during the peak of Silicon Valley. silicon valley rebel, cover

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Allette's first album PRIVILEGE was recorded in CCRMA Studio, Stanford, CA from January to August 1996, and released in November of the same year. PRIVILEGE was written, performed, engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by the artist. Featuring Allette's catchy early tunes "Ladder" and "Passage of Time" this album is raw, passionate, and unabashedly feminist, as Allette captures how the personal and political merge in a young woman's life. The album's sound ranges from songs laid down with only stereo guitar and vocal tracks to songs with several stereo guitar tracks and up to 6 vocal tracks.
  • hello
  • ladder
  • clothesline
  • my brother, my sister
  • heaven in the mirror
  • swallow
  • lay me down on redrock
  • privilege
  • seated in six
  • passage of time
  • mystery
  • outta here
privilege cover

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