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Allette opening for Al Stewart at the Century Ballroom
Seattle, WA 1/11/02 -photo by M.L. Naden

CD Release Party at Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco
Nov. 30 2001 - photos by Rachel Katz and Erin Higbee.
Playing at the North American Folk Alliance conference in Vancouver and staffing the Indiegrrl Booth
Feb. 2001 - photos by M.L. Naden.
Waiting to play at the Tuscon Folk Festival - photo by Frank Sanzo
Color photos w/ guitar - photo by Robert Peate
Another hat shot! - photo by Robert Peate
Black and White close up! - photo by Robert Peate
Allette's T-shirt
Allette Brooks signalling the audience for their well-known shouts of "mush" at the Rockrgrrl Conference, November, 2000.
Allette Brooks preparing for a show at the Washington Street Java Company, Kirksville, MO in May, 1999. Photograph by Tony Sirna.
drawing of allette at the coffee hag Drawing of Allette Brooks playing at the Coffee Hag in Mankato, MN on July 28, 2000. Art by Joellen Hines.
allette at dancing rabbit Allette Brooks playing at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge, MO with Cecil Scheib on October 2, 1999. Photograph by Tony Sirna.
allette in the newport coffeehouse allette in the newport coffeehouse Allette Brooks playing at the Newport Coffeehouse in Bannockburn, IL on September 4, 1999. Photographs by Tony Sirna.
allette at cd release party Allette Brooks playing at the Silicon Valley Rebel CD Release Party in San Francisco in April 25, 1999. Photograph by Erin Higbee.
Allette in the studio recording Silicon Valley Rebel Allette in the recording studio
August 1998.
Photograph by Rachel Katz.
drawing of allette in tree Allette Brooks in tree in Foothills near Stanford University.
Drawn by Nell Green Nylen, 1999.
allette with guitar from Long Beach Press Telegram From article in Long Beach Press Telegram, Jan. 30, 1997.
Used with the permission of the Long Beach Press-Telegram.
© 1997 Press-Telegram
good serious Allette Brooks performing at the Coffee Society of Cupertino, CA.
Photographs by Stanley Katz, 1997.
Allette's first performance Allette's first performance
Stanford Coffee House. Stanford, CA

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