Allette is available to teach classes, private sessions and workshops. To set up a workshop or request more information, email yoga @ allettebrooks . com

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Introduction to to Forrest Yoga Two Class Series
Saturday, June 8, 9–10:30 AM
Monday, June 10, 9–10:30 AM
The Yoga Loft, 52485 SW First St., Scappoose, Oregon, 97056, USA

Ongoing classes




To Allette, practicing yoga is much like making music, it is an opportunity to find connection, joy, and be truly present! Allette encourages students to use mindfulness and breath to step more fully into body and spirit, and to walk a healing path. With emphasis on alignment, attention, and feeling Allette's Forrest Yoga classes help students learn to work in a healthy way with pre-existing injuries and to bring healing to physical and emotional issues.

Allette is a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher. She has completed over 500 hours of training through the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and Continuing Education for Teachers. She works with Ana Forrest on an ongoing basis, and has also studied with Yoga Tune Up founder Jill Miller. Allette teaches Forrest Yoga classes and workshops, and offers a special "Working with Upper Body Injuries" class series. She has taught regularly in Connecticut and California, and offered classes and workshops in Missouri and Oregon. Allette also offers private yoga sessions tailored to meet a student's specific needs, ranging from working with injuries to developing a strong home practice.

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