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Swim With Me review (excerpt):
"Sometimes humorous, sometimes edgy, always intimate and intelligent, Allette also uses her very pretty and fluid voice to convey the messages -- running the gamut from sharp and staccato delivery to silken soprano. And it's all so crystal clear -- a tribute also to the expert engineering and production crew, which consisted mostly of Allette and some of her musicians. "

"Swim With Me, however, I was happy to find out strikes that almost perfect balance of a recording that is a little more grown-up and yet still maintains the soul of the feisty singer-songwriter we first heard in Privilege (1996). Allette is incredibly true to herself. This comfort with her own self shines through, not only in her recordings, but in person."  Krissy Durden, CD Review, Standford, CA.

"The first thoughts that cross your mind when hearing 'Swim With Me' are guaranteed to be pleasant. Based around Allette's warm rich voice and churning accoustic guitar, the album is a beautifully layered soundscape... Also an impressive stylist, her fretwork is smooth and precise... 'Swim With Me' is awash in lush harmonies that possess the intricacies and delicacies of a trained vocalist. Styalistically, Allette blends genres seamlessly, easily shifting between straight folk to a popier sound and beyond. The final production shows the honest and intense portrayal of this young woman's view on life through her music." Johnny Thamm Jr., Innocent Words, Danville, IL.

"With her third release, Swim With Me, Allette continues with her thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate lyrics and soothing folk style. While her second album, Silicon Valley Rebel, earned her a reputation as a poignant, witty, social commentator; I believe that Swim With Me showcases the full scope of Allette's talent as a singer/songwriter. It will be hard to label her into one word now. " (

"A powerful siger-songwriter who has just released her third CD, Allette Brooks doesn't mince words about environmental, social, or relationship issues. The inevitable comparisons to Ani DiFranco are somewhat useful- the two share strong, stylistic, vocal, and even thematic similarities- but don't go far enough in conveying the ecological roots of Allette's music, nor her uniqueness. She brings humor, poetry, and insight to every subject she tackles, as well as a driving, melodic acoustic folk style that has more energy and intensity than most rock bands... These tracks are richly insrumented, with a full sound that never smacks of commercialism or artifice but that is definitely not quiet or purely acoustic." - Chris Roth Talking Leaves, Dexter, OR

"Interesting rhythms, drums only loud when they ought to be, and Brooks' voice is powerful, sensitive, and dynamic, with a broad, well-controlled range. Lyrics are effective, poetic, imaginative, and definitely original." - Marilyn O'Malley Victory Review, Tacoma, WA

"Alright, a new Allette Brooks CD! I was enamoured with her last one, and this is no letdown either. The songs seems a hint more mellow than last time around, but that only brings out more of the poppy goodness in her folk-rock songs. Starting with the title track, the album is a poignant voyage, whether it be 'Share', 'Rolling Blackout', or 'Fireflies'. We are going to see big things from this one, I tell you, big things. Highly recommended." - Persygrrl, DJ, WSGR, Port Huron, MI

"At the performance last March, Brooks managed to bring the audience out of its comfort zone and into a cozy conversation with her about travel, fireflies, and rolling blackouts. She invited everyone to sing along. She peppered the crowd with questions that they couldnt resist answering. After two hours, people appeared to leave in a better mood." -Scott Mobley, Record Searchlight, Redding, CA

" On her third release, Allette Brooks' lyrical, liquid imagery melts sublimely into her infectious blend of hip-shaking, soul conscious folk. 'Swim With Me' showcases the burgeoning maturity of a performer hard at work cutting her musical teeth on the coast-to-coast folk circuit. As evidenced by the album's clean production lines, Brooks has clearly grown more adept in the studio. . . Brooks' vocals babble smoothly over percussionist Paulo Baldi's snare and cymbal, giving the track an ethereal feel. . .With a bit of wah-wah pedal, Brooks jogs California's memory of the energy crisis just as complacency might be setting in. Brooks uses her passion and poignancy to direct listeners to think about their responsibilities rather than offering solutions." - Mark Resnick The Tribune Ticket, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Her newest CD, 'Swim With Me,' once again displays an artist with a knack for hooky songwriting, an engaging voice, and a penchant for social commentary..." - Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Her playing is unmistakable- fierce and rhythmical- but it's her voice that has captivated audiences across the country." - Patrick Conners The Park Record, Park City, Utah

"Bay area singer/songwriter Allette Brooks returns to Spokane in support of her latest release 'Swim With Me,' a brilliant showcase of Brooks' ample vocal range, stern delivery and poignant commentary and ideology reminding us that music can be the strongest weapon in the fight for social change and commentary." -The Local Planet Weekly,  Spokane, WA

"Allette Brooks... offers a fiery brand of folk  that compares favorably to such mavericks as Ani DiFranco and Michelle Shocked... 'Swim With Me' is an engaging collection of personal and political observations...the album leaves a remarkably strong impression. Songs like 'Firefly' and 'Never Was' are eloquent in their straight forward simplicity, painting indelible images of lost loves and fond friendships. 'Swim With Me' indicates that this folk singer-songwriter has talent and peronality to burn, making her a good bet for anyone." - Marc Burkhardt, Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Alto, CA

Silicon Valley Rebel

"San Francisco's Allette Brooks weaves intricate, punchy acoustic guitar work with stingingly comic lyrics and a voice that's as big as the great outdoors and warmer than your trusty blanket." - City Weekly, Salt Lake City, UT

"The Bay Area musician has been on the coffee house/festival circuit, regaling crowds with her astute observations and clever wordplay. The title track of her latest disc, Silicon Valley Rebel, is a particular gem- a character ditty about a feminist studies major reluctantly thrown into the career of a web page designer. Though the world of female singer-songwriters seems to be increasing at an exponential rate, there is always room to be made for a really talented one. " - John Niccum, Pitch Weekly, Kansas City, KS

"She colors the picture with every crayon in the box. Her songs are youthful in sound, and ancient in sentiment. She's carving out a space in acoustic folk, that should last her a good while." - Victory Review, Tacoma, WA

"Allette Brooks, from California, is a humble, richly lyrical folk singer, and a poet who wears her heart on her sleeve. She gets way down to the nitty gritty of life and speaks in an amusingly sarcastic language. She's quirky, she's raspy, and then at moments, nothing but shudderingly beautiful." - The Octopus, Champaign/Urbana, IL

"In a sea of singer-songwriters, Allette Brooks is a rare fish indeed. Her keen eye for social commentary coupled with her hooky songwriting sensibilities and powerful voice help her stand out from the shiny sound-alike, guitar-strumming crowd. . . Brooks revels in creating a well-drawn character and then watching her react to a given situation. . . What makes Brooks' social commentary so palatable is her biting wit, which seems to make her diatribes less didactic and preachy. Do yourself a favor and check out the rebel yell of Allette Brooks."- Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Allette Brooks may have a disarmingly relaxed and humorous relationship with the audience at her gigs, but there's nothing laid back about her high energy performance and powerful songs." -Bob McWilliams, West Side Folk and KANU Lawrence, KS

"There's room on the scene for this gritty muse" -Hipfish, Astoria, OR

"If you love Ani, you'll love Allette- Allette Brooks to be exact . . . Her social Commentary is not only witty . . . but universal . . . You'll be sorry if you miss it."- The Hartford Advocate, Hartford, CT

"California-based Allette Brooks is an acoustic-music singer-songwriter with an absolutely captivating voice who pens honest, self-disclosing and socially-conscious lyrics and plays a pretty mean guitar as well. But it's that voice that leaves the most lasting impression. Allette is truly gifted. While some can scarcely hit even a few high notes without screeching, Allette's elasticity is awesome. And, as her bio kit notes, being classically trained, you'd think she'd sound stiff. Not a chance. Her voice navigates the intricate rhythm patterns and melodies like pure silk. Allette can travel from languid and liquid to an elegant, controlled wail with ease. She's gentle, yet exhibits strength and her lyrics are crystal clear.
While only a couple of tunes get lost in monotonic rant-like diatribes, most are quite good and some, like the CD's final tune "Clothespin" are simply touching and poignant. The title track is a witty, sarcastic yet realistic peek at the world of the high-tech office, complete with keystroke sound effects at the intro.
This appears to be a world where the female singer songwriter is proliferating quickly. This is a wonderful thing, but could, in the near furture, cause the phrase "cookie-cutter" to come to mind. Allette, fortunately, will be among those who will continue to stand out above the rest."- Les Reynolds,

"Songwriter Allette Brooks has the delightful gift of being able to cram an excess of syllables into a given number of beats in a line of music, and you can savor this gift in any of her new songs." -Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA

"There are a bunch of acoustic artists out there right now, begging for attention. Presently, there are only a couple that really merit close attention, like Jen Wood and Christine Lavin. But I think Allette is making a bid for the top of the list. 'Silicon Valley Rebel', an improvement on her debut album 'Privilege', is a great addition to any record collection. Listening to the title track and 'Cab Song' in particular makes me think that she's got something very special--great execution on the guitar and a wondrous voice. 'Silicon Valley Rebel' is terrific; I'd be very surprised if an acoustic music fan didn't find this CD extremely satisfying. Album no. 3 should be highly anticipated--hopefully by then, she'll get the following she richly deserves." -Tom Soule, KZSU Stanford, CA

"It's not a question of whether you like her music, but how much. :-)" -AE Wilson, fan

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